The plays

Full length plays – scripts of humour and tragedy, adaptations and original works for both small and large casts.

All plays are 2 Acts - All work has been registered. Infringement of copyright will be prosecuted


Finalist in Silver Gull Award 2019

Through four different wars, and four different veterans, BREATHLESS explores the unchanging , cyclic horror of war, the unnatural stress it place on the soldier at the front line and how that bleeds into his civilian life, traumatically affecting not only the foot soldier, but all those who love them... Click to see more

Tfhe Matilda Waltz

Shortlisted by National Playwrights for 2014

"Using Banjo Paterson’s poems as a starting point and link throughout the play works well; it brings a lyricism to the play. So too does the theatricality introduced with the paper airplanes, revealed at the end to be Australian birds sweeping through the play." Click to see more

Sense & Sensibility

An adaptation of Jane Austen’s novel of two sisters - one with too much common sense and one with not enough.

When Mr Dashwood dies, the family estate passes to John Dashwood, his son by a first marriage. The Dashwood women, his widow and three daughters Elinor, Marianne and Margaret are left in reduced circumstances. Click to see more

The Making of Elizabeth

My Fair Lady meets Ladette to Lady!

Lizzie may be from Rooty Hill but she has dreams of designing for the fashion industry. Her ticket there just might be that well known voice coach to the stars – Henry Harrison. Can Lizzie make the change without losing her fire? Can Harrison get to the end without strangling her? And who is really teaching who? Click to see more

Pride and Prejudice

“a sparkling adaptation true to one of the most enduring romances in English literature”
a " superlative and deeply satisfying adaptation " Sydney Arts Guide

Mrs Bennet’s only purpose in life is to see her daughters married. When a young man of position and fortune moves into the neighbourhood, she schemes to marry off her beautiful, calm and eldest daughter Jane. Whilst Bingley is falling in love with Jane, his proud friend Mr Darcy is unwillingly falling in love with Jane’s vivacious sister Elizabeth... Click to see more

Les Liaisons Dangereuses

Adapted from the novel of the same name by Choderlos de Laclos.

The Marquise de Merteuil and the Vicomte de Valmont are bored aristocrats who amuse themselves with intrigues and play a deadly game of destroying reputations. Merteuil, seeking revenge on a lover who left her, tries to entice Valmont into seducing her ex-lover’s virgin fiancée, Cecile. Valmont initially refuses... Click to see more

The Scarlet Pimpernel

Adapted from the novel of the same name by Baroness Orczy.

The romantic adventure of a noble Englishman – Sir Percy Blakeney (in disguise as the Scarlet Pimpernel) - and his followers, sworn to rescue aristos from the guillotine and his arch rival, Chauvelin. Caught up in the adventure, is Marguerite St Just – Sir Percy’s new wife and Chauvelin’s ex lover...
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Gentlemen Incorporated

An original comedy about the male escort business!

Damien (real name George) runs a self-styled escort business for professional women. At a particularly busy time, a young friend from university days arrives unannounced after backpacking in Europe, looking for somewhere to stay and unwilling to go home to his widowed mother. Eventually Damien tells Marcus the nature of his business... Click to see more

Cry Wolf

"What sort of man takes a camera and not a gun into a war zone?" Finalist in New York New Works of Merit. 8 week season off-Broadway

Nick “Wolf” Grey is a famous Australian combat cameraman, back in Sydney to receive more awards and to have his biography written. Into his self focused existence arrives the daughter he never knew he had. As Nick tries to deal with the idea of having a child... Click to see more

The Jocasta Complexity

Set thousands of years ago about 15 year old girl who had her baby taken.

Thousands of years ago a 15 year old girl had her baby taken from her because of a prophecy. She spends the next 20 years in bitterness until the advent of a young man into her life. Together, with love, they construct a new life and an empire... Click to see more

Hell’s Belles

See what happens when two long term friends make a deal with the devil.

Arabella and Richelle, long term friends and drinking buddies have a standing date for Friday nights. On this particular Friday night, however, things go awry and they are left to deal with a rather cute demon who won’t go back to wherever he came from until he has a contracted soul. With time running out, the girls embark on a crazy scheme... Click to see more