Hell’s Belles

See what happens when two long term friends make a deal with the devil.

2 Females 2Males

(1 male to play 3 roles)


Arabella and Richelle, long term friends and drinking buddies have a standing date for Friday nights. On this particular Friday night, however, things go awry and they are left to deal with a rather cute demon who won’t go back to …. wherever he came from … until he has a contracted soul. With time running out, the girls embark on a crazy scheme to catch a soul. But there are a few complications, not the least of which includes Arabella’s ex-husband and a devil with a liking for romance and dance.

First Performed in 2007 with the following cast: Juliet Scrine as ArabellaKilmeny Adie as Richelle Ivan J. Sumelj as Morax and Dave Stretton as Mal, David and Jimmy


Richelle - So, (sarcastically) are you saying you are a demon or something?

Morax - (proudly) Of course I am a demon.

Arabella - Prove it.

Morax - Prove it?

Arabella - Yeah. Why should we believe you?

Morax - I have never been asked to prove myself.

Richelle - Welcome to our world.

Morax - What do you expect me to do?

Arabella - Surprise us. Nothing destructive. Nobody gets hurt.

Morax - (looking confused) I suppose … (he flicks a finger and music thunders through, deafening the women)

Arabella - (yelling) turn it off!

(Morax makes a gesture and the music stops abruptly.)

Richelle - Morax, huh? (thinks) If you are a demon, how come I haven’t heard of you? Which rock have you been living on?

Morax - Pardon?

Richelle - If you are a crash hot demon, how come we have never heard of you? Maybe your dark lord isn’t so hot.

Morax - He isn’t my dark lord, he is The Dark Lord.

Arabella - I think that is pretty arrogant. Saying he is “the” dark lord. I don’t remember voting.

Morax - What?

Richelle - Yeah, who died and made him “The Dark Lord”?

Morax - He … just is!

Arabella - Bloody typical.

Richelle - Just “Hello! I think I’ll be the Dark Lord” and no-one gets a say. Just who we might want for the Dark Lord doesn’t matter.

Arabella - So pisses me off at times, the way men just take what they want. And I bet he wasn’t the best candidate for the job. It’s always the same. How come he isn’t a Dark … what would be the female equivalent for Lord?

Richelle - Lady?

Arabella -  “The Dark Lady”? Sounds a bit pissy.

Richelle - Sounds like Condoleeza Rice.

Arabella - Or a bodice ripper novel.

Morax - The dark force must be male. Just as the light force is female.

Arabella - Male destructive, female creative? Oooh that’s better. I like that.