Gentlemen Incorporated

An original comedy about the male escort business!

5 parts : 3F, 2M  


Damien (real name George) runs a self-styled escort business for professional women. At a particularly busy time, a young friend from university days arrives unannounced after backpacking in Europe, looking for somewhere to stay and unwilling to go home to his widowed mother. Eventually Damien tells Marcus the nature of his business. Marcus is initially shocked, but reluctantly agrees to help out with Damien’s hectic schedule. While Damien sees a favoured client, Marcus established contact with an old girlfriend, who happens to be a secretary to another of Damien’s clients.

Under pressure from his mother, Elinor,  Marcus divulges where he is living. Elinor arrives to visit and it becomes obvious that Elinor is Damien’s favoured client. An attempt to resolve the situation sees Elinor and Damien in a business partnership. Marcus, still an escort, is too tired for his girlfriend Isabella, who angrily delivers an ultimatum.

Meanwhile, Damien is becoming enamoured of Elinor.

Marion, Isabella’s boss, decides Isabella needs cheering up so she books her an escort for her birthday. The only trouble is (though no-one knows it), is that Marcus is the only available escort…


Damien - Well, how broadminded are you? Where do your morals lie?

Marcus - In the gutter. Look, you’re not running some kind of scam are you? Ripping people off by selling them shonky insurance? ‘cause then i’d say my moral stand there was pretty firm.

Damien - Nothing like that. Truth is, i don’t sell insurance.

Marcus - What do you sell then?

Damien - Me!

Marcus - What do you mean – “you”?

Damien - Exactly that. Me.

Marcus - You mean consulting or something?

Damien - It’s not my brain my clients want. That, i found out, was not nearly as sellable as my body.