Cry Wolf

An original play asking: "What sort of man takes a camera and not a gun into a war zone?"

The play examines the nature of those men who choose war journalism as a career, and raises questions about moral responsibility, the role of media in out lives and how the effects filter down - even to our private lives.


5 parts: 3F, 2M


Nick “Wolf” Grey is a famous Australian combat cameraman, back in Sydney to receive more awards and to have his biography written. Into his self focused existence arrives the daughter he never knew he had. As Nick tries to deal with the idea of having a child, the demands of fame and an ex lover, it becomes obvious that Nick, whilst a hero in the newsroom, has personal battles – the most important being with himself.  

Original Production featured Dave Stretton as Nick; Olivia Gailiunas as Rose; Juliet Scrine as Marie with David McWha as Brian and Claire Nichols as Rebel.


Rose - Aren’t you ever scared of being killed? Lot’s of men who do your job have died doing it. When mum told me what you did, I read everything i could about war journalists and they all seem to die on the job. Robert Capa. Neil Davis. Francois sully. Damien Parer.  And those journalists in East Timor. All horrible, horrible deaths.

Nick - I just don’t think about it. I only move when it’s safe. Sure I’ve been hit a few times but it was all small stuff. Shrapnel. I only move when it’s safe to move. You know, there’s always something spectacular to film from a pretty safe position. And anyway, when death comes, she comes as a lady. So it won’t be so bad for me, huh?

Rose - Death is a lady?

Nick - So the khmers believe. A laughing girl, maybe an older woman … a gentle, warm lady to protect you in death. Your last lover.

Rose - Do you really believe that?

Nick - why not? It’s as good as any other way of looking at death. Better than most.

Rose - So do you ever carry a gun? Do you ever fight?

Nick - No. That’s not in the job description. We are not there to take sides. You’ve got to keep your nose clean and stay impartial, no matter how you feel about it personally. Captured reporters are shown no mercy if they think you’ve been taking sides.

Rose - So you’ve never – like – fought?

Nick - Once. It was be killed or defend myself. I picked up the gun of a dead soldier and defended myself. I could have done it a hundred times if i had wanted to. Mostly, i just ducked.   

Rose - but what if it was a choice between taking a photo or saving someone?

Nick - If every journo put down their camera and recorder to help in a war zone, no one at home would ever see a picture. No one would ever get a report. You are there to fight or record. You can’t do both.

Rose - So don’t you think you could ever have made a difference?

Nick - To what? A battle? A war? I can do more for a war with a camera than i can with a gun. Besides, I don’t like guns.

Rose - So I guess you are very brave. Or very stupid. Which is it?

Nick - What do you think?