Contemporary stage comedies and dramas dealing with issues and themes of living in a 21st century; stage adaptations of beloved classics ... welcome to the website of playwright & director Deborah Mulhall. Deborah has directed over 20 plays and written  or dramaturged many major plays – all of which have been performed several times to box office and critical success. With extensive theatrical and teaching experience, Deborah is also available to edit and advise on any work you may be constructing yourself.
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J.Caesar: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KxBnIRDDUss
Jane Austen Made Me Do It: http://youtu.be/j9a6O9coPt0
Sense & Sensibility: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CX1Gla3hAuI
Pride & Prejudice : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WhVMovpnEOc
The Matilda Waltz  https://www.renthackham.com.au/single-post/2015/01/27/The-Matilda-Waltz-Poster-Trailer


Deborah has also recieved several awards for her work, including:

CRY WOLF - Honourable Mention New York New Works of Merit Playwriting Competition / Film option
         and television option for STORM SISTERS
 BREATHLESS - finalist in Silver gull Awards 2019

And a finalist in Best Direcor (professional production) Broadway World 2020.


Copyright per performance per play is AUS$75 or 10% of box office, whichever is the greater. The performance agreement includes permission to photocopy the play from email printout. Please note that there are exceptions for schools and small community groups (very small acknowledgement fee). All plays have been written with an eye to minimalist production in a small theatre, yet they remain flexible enough to stand the test of audience engagement in a larger theatre with higher production values. If you would rather deal with an agent, contact https://australianplays.org/ https://australianplays.org/